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Kagerou #2 is now available! However, since we're now working through an actual printing company, you'll need to go to our webstore over there to buy it. Issue #1 has also been moved to IndyPlanet, which means the sketched edition is no longer available. The good news is that this drops the price significantly for these books, and means you will be getting them sooner than if you were ordering through SWB. Unfortunately, this means we can't combine shipping for Kagerou comic orders and regular studio items. Sorry about that!

Also, I have added a bunch of new designs to the Button Store! Also fixed a few errors and pruned a couple duds from circulation. More zombies! MORE ZOMBIES!

Luka here, just letting you know I've done some editing of the site. The Specials page is now live, and has some one of a kind nature buttons made by yours truly at a rather modest price. Also, Kagerou #1 has arrived! You can still order it from the Kagerou substore, but custom sketches are no longer available as of today.
I have systematically demolished and rebuilt the Studio Store. Some sections are still offline while I butcher the demons that have infested the old site. Everything else should be working fine.

You may notice we've dropped the prices on most of our items! This is because we've started charging a single flat shipping and handling fee ($4 for domestic orders, $9 for international). Combined shipping is fabulous, so if you've been waiting for the right time to load up on dick jokes and bishounen, this is quite possibly guaranteed to not be not it!

Ther is some new stuff in the store, but a larger product reshuffling has yet to be completed. Huzzah!


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